Mornington Peninsula


-38.35382 S


145.0751649 E

Cor Ribbe

Cornelis Ribbe




Paul Scorpo

Founder & Viticulturalist


Scorpo has for some time sat comfortably within the highest rank of Australian cool-climate winegrowers, quietly composing excellent wines and steadily raising the bar year upon year. The planning, planting, nurturing and honing of the vineyard absorb the attention of trained horticulturist and landscape architect Paul Scorpo. The process of perfecting the site continues, with closer plantings and more precise clonal selections the latest developments. The wines are consistently imbued with nuance, depth and texture. They are wines which - without ever raising their voice - resonate equally with the mind and senses.


Kaspar Hermann, Sam Middleton and Will Byron



Onannon is three people with one goal. The people are Sam Middleton, Kaspar Hermann and Will Byron, each of whom contributed the last letters of their surname to make Onannon. A friendship forged in winemaking studies was cemented in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, with each of them serving stints at Coldstream Hills in the Yarra Valley in the noughties. Sam and Kaspar are still based in the Yarra, making wine at Mount Mary, while Will works at a winery on the Mornington Peninsula. Their goal at Onannon is to craft wines that speak a little of themselves and a lot of their place. Since kicking off in 2008, Onannon’s focus has been Pinot Noir and the regions of Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula. In 2012 they added a first Gippsland Chardonnay, while Mornington Pinot Gris and a Yarra Rosé were added in 2015. This tight band of brothers has garnered a devoted following with bright, expressive wines made in minuscule quantities. They have a great future ahead of them.
“You would have to go a long way to find three more open-hearted and utterly committed winemakers; the world is their oyster, their ambitions unlimited.” James Halliday