2019 Marli Russell by Mount Mary RP1

Marli Russell

About Marli Russell

Marli Russell is a pioneering range to further explore the potential of the Middleton family's site and complement the traditional Mount Mary range. Back in 2007, a year after the death of Dr John Middleton, the family embarked on what was initially known as their ‘Rhône Project’. Ever-changing environmental conditions and the purchase of adjacent land inspired them to plant seven Rhône varieties. Three white grapes went in - Marsanne, Roussanne and Clairette – alongside four red varieties: Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvèdre and Cinsault.
Marli Middleton, née Russell, was the inspiration behind the label. As wife of Dr John, she was co-founder of the estate and grandmother to current winemaker Sam. These wines boast all the class, intrigue and balance of the Mount Mary wines, and are poignant recognition of Marli’s enthusiasm for the younger generation to continue in the pursuit of new ideas.


Sam Middleton is a third generation wine maker from the Mount Mary family. He holds a degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Melbourne as well as a degree in Wine Science from Charles Sturt University. His background includes employment at several significant producers including Coldstream Hills and Dominique Portet. Sam has gained experience in France working a vintage in Burgundy in 2009 and travelling extensively through other wine regions on a number of occasions since. Bordeaux is of special interest to him as a result of its role in Mount Mary's history. Growing up in the Yarra Valley alongside his father and grandfather, grapes and wine have always been a part of life. He has always demonstrated a passion for primary production and has a deep respect for this region and its unique ability to produce world-class wines.