2015 Paul Blanck Riesling

Paul Blanck

About Paul Blanck

Blanck may be a new name for CellarHand but that’s certainly not the case in Alsace. It’s getting on for 200 years since the family established a wine business in Kientzheim. For the past 30 years, cousins Frédéric and Philippe Blanck have been in control, placing a sharp focus on the vines and the soil they grow in. The domaine has increased its holdings from 24 to 36 hectares, with five grands crus accounting for more than a third. Sometimes the brilliance of Alsace – its terroir and the spice, minerals, freshness and sweet fruit it delivers – gets overlooked by the wine-drinking world. There’s little chance of that happening with the Blancks around, and we’re very happy to be the ones to help them share it.


Along with his cousin, Philippe Blanck, Freddie took over the estate operation in 1985, with a mission to create wines of pure pleasure for winelovers the world over. From the word go they have worked tirelessly to respect the vines and soil upon which they are planted. As they put it, “We wish to share with everyone the force and diversity of the Alsace ; the richness of the grape varieties and the joie de vivre of its people.”