2015 Wantirna Estate 'Amelia' Cabernets

Wantirna Estate

About Wantirna Estate

Established in 1963 and with an annual production of fewer than 1000 cases in total, Wantirna Estate ranks among the elite of the Yarra Valley. Handcrafted terrior-driven wines are a reflection of meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of viticulture and winemaking, and a vineyard site that is naturally low-yielding. "You don't need too many fingers to count the number of 'cult' wineries of the 1970s and early 1980s that are still in the hands of their original owners. Fewer still are actually performing better today than ever before," as Jeremy Oliver puts it. "Wantirna Estate is one such winery and its modern success is a culmination of experience, the introduction of fresh ideas and a proven ability to learn."


Winemaking is a joint effort between Reg and Bertina Egan and their daughter, Maryann Egan.
These days Reg describes himself as the interfering winemaker but back in the early days everything was done by Reg, dashing from his legal practice to the winery to check on the ferments. Today much of the winemaking responsibility has been transferred to Maryann.
Maryann initially did a degree in physical education before taking off backpacking to Europe. When she ran out of money, the natural response was to go and reacquaint herself with the winemakers she’d met in her childhood. After a vintage in Burgundy, she returned to Australia to begin her Oenology studies at Charles Sturt University.
For the next six years Maryann worked at Domaine Chandon making both sparkling and table wines. After the birth of her first child Amelia in 1996, she returned to Wantirna Estate. Along with her commitment to the winery, Maryann has been a wine writer for Gourmet Traveller WINE magazine, wine editor for Donna Hay magazine and a presenter on the SBS series The Wine Lover’s Guide to Australia.
Today, Maryann tries to manage the occasional visit to the vineyards of France with her family – Justin Robison and daughters Amelia and Hannah – as well as the odd trip in search of fresh powder snow.