CellarHand Pinot Plus Expo At PWS Sydney


August 2015

When /

August 5th 2017

Where /

Prince Wine Store, Sydney

The Sydney sibling to CellarHand’s PWS  Expo in Melbourne on Monday, 31st July, this public tasting features visitors from three European estates that are trailblazers in their field: Koehler-Ruprecht from Pfalz, Huber from Baden, and English sparkling producer, Hattingley Valley.
The creators of some of Australia’s best Pinots will also be pouring their wares: Yeringberg, Shadowfax, Punt Road and Onannon.
Plus it’s a rare chance to see other cracking Pinot & Pinotesque imports from Oregon, Central Otago, Austria, Alsace and Burgundy – from none other than the legend that is Leroy.

Wine line-up:

2013 Hattingley Valley Classic Cuvée RRP $80
2013 Hattingley Valley Rosé RRP $90
2013 Koehler-Ruprecht Steinacker Riesling Kabinett RRP $32
2014 Koehler-Ruprecht Kallstadter Riesling Kabinett Trocken RRP $32
2012 Koehler-Ruprecht Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Kabinett Trocken RRP $43
2013 Huber Baden Pinot Noir RRP $49
2013 Huber Alte Reben Pinot Noir RRP $96
2013 Huber Schlossberg Pinot Noir Grosses Gewächs RRP $164
2015 Rosi Schuster Sankt Laurent RRP $35
2014 Taupenot Merme Passetoutgrain RRP $33 
2015 Pittnauer Pitti Blend RRP $25
2015 Burn Cottage Moonlight Race Pinot Noir RRP $68
2015 Taupenot Merme Bourgogne Rouge RRP $64
2015 Leroy Bourgogne Rouge RRP $140
2013 Paul Blanck Pinot Noir RRP $33
2012 Pittnauer Baumgarten Pinot Noir RRP $105
2014 J. Christopher Willamette Valley Pinot Noir RRP $75
2016 Shadowfax Macedon Ranges Chardonnay RRP $35
2015 Shadowfax Glenfern Chardonnay RRP $53
2016 Shadowfax Macedon Pinot Noir RRP $37
2016 Shadowfax Little Hampton Pinot Noir RRP $62
2015 Onannon Gippsland Chardonnay RRP $43
2016 Onannon Mornington Chardonnay RRP $39
2015 Onannon Mornington Pinot Noir RRP $39
2016 Onannon Leongatha Single-Site Pinot Noir RRP $71
2016 Onannon Red Hill Single-Site Pinot Noir RRP $71
2016 Punt Road Napoleone Vineyard Chardonnay RRP $23
2017 Punt Road Napoleone Vineyard Pinot Gris RRP $23
2016 Airlie Bank Pinot Noir RRP $21
2016 Punt Road Napoleone Vineyard Napoleon Pinot Noir RRP $28
2016 Punt Road Napoleone Vineyard Shiraz RRP $32
2015 Punt Road Napoleone Vineyard Block 3 Cabernet Sauvignon RRP $32
2014 Yeringberg Marsanne Rousanne RRP $64
2014 Yeringberg Viognier RRP $35
2013 Yeringberg Pinot Noir RRP $98
2014 Yeringberg Shiraz RRP $85
2014 Yeringberg Cabernets RRP $98

Rum and Que Texas-style low-and-slow barbecue  will also be there offering $10 rolls straight out of the smoker.

The tasting kicks off at midday and runs to 4pm.

PLEASE NOTE: This tasting is $10 refundable on purchases of $100 or more from the wines on tasting. Tickets are available here.