Frankland Estate ’16 Single-Site Riesling Release


February 2017

When /

February 7th 2017

Where /

Toorak Cellars

For those excellent folks down at Toorak Cellars, February is a time to reflect on the year ahead and to celebrate the greatest grape variety in the world: Riesling.
Hunter Smith of Frankland Estate produces some of Australia’s most captivating examples of the grape, with the single vineyards of Isolation Ridge and Poison Hill producing wines that speak loudly of the dirt from which they were grown.
Every time these wines are released, they send a powerfully delicious reminder that the notion of terroir is very much alive in Australia.
Join Hunter Smith for a tasting to examines the unique soils that make these wines so distinctive – and see why Shiraz from the Great Southern is a joy you shouldn’t forget to behold.

Wines to taste:

2016 Estate Riesling
2015 Alter Weg
2016 Poison Hill Riesling
2016 Isolation Ridge Riesling
2002 Isolation Ridge Riesling
2006 Isolation Ridge Riesling
2015 Estate Shiraz
2014 Isolation Ridge Shiraz

Tickets cost $45 per person. To reserve a place, please email or phone (03) 9822 2070