Ours Is Not To Riesling Why


February 2014

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February 10th 2014

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A day of spectacular Riesling. ‘Ours is not to Riesling why’ brings together our best friends in Riesling for a day of tastings, discussion and exploration. This will feature Australian & New Zealand wines from the portfolio, with Te Whare Ra, Frankland Estate, Stefano Lubiana, clos Clare and Frankland Estate all attending. We’ll also show a wide range of wines from Alsace, Austria and Germany, our very special guest, Erni Loosen is sure to tell a story or two. We’re also delighted to share the day with Pikes, Best’s, Clonakilla and Crawford River. New wines will be released and special bottles opened. Spread the word, join the conversation, be there!

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