Grosses Gewächs Riesling Masterclass At Ed Cellars


February 2019

When /

Saturday, 23rd February 2019

Where /

Edinburgh Hotel & Cellars, Mitcham

This year’s annual ‘Summer Of Riesling’ Masterclass is hosted by our very own Patrick Walsh at the Edinburgh Hotel & Cellars. Join him for an in-depth look at the Grosses Gewächs, ‘Finest dry Rieslings’ of Germany. Patrick’s dedication to this noble varietal cannot be understated, it will be an enlightening and lively tour of the Grosse Lagen: Great Sites.

On the back of successive vintages of incredibly high quality, Patrick will guide you through 5 spectacular regions discovering the power and grace of German dry Riesling.

$50 pp +bf includes, wines on tasting and entry into the Summer Of Riesling Garden.

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Wines On Tasting

2016 Heymann-Löwenstein Uhlen ‘Roth Lay’ Grosses Gewächs RRP $136

2017 Robert Weil Kiedrich Gräfenberg Grosses Gewächs

2017 Dönnhoff Dellchen Grosses Gewächs RRP $136


2017 Wittmann Kirchspiel Grosses GewächsRRP $145 
2017 Gunderloch Pettenthal Grosses Gewächs RRP $104
2017 Keller Kirchspiel Grosses Gewächs 

2017 A. Christmann Idig Grosses Gewächs RRP $145