CellarHand Newsletter September 2017

We start the spring bulletin with a lookahead to the summer of Riesling. The freshly revamped website forRiesling Downunder now has full details on the program in Melbourne and Sydney, for wine professionals and amateurs alike. Also on the events front, we have our spring joint-portfolio tasting for Sydney wine trade coming up shortly.
On the release front, all the details are out for Mount Mary’s 2015s, which is one of the most hotly anticipated launches of the year (Halliday’s Winery of the Year gong adding fuel to that fire). We also have a beautiful new Grenache from S.C. Pannell, a new Pinot Gris from Peninsula guru Paul Scorpo, and a museum-release Riesling from the Barry’s Florita vineyard under the clos Clare label. Also on the home front, we’re highlighting superb new write-ups on By Farr, Onannon, Marli Russell and Punt Road.
And so to Europe, whence Louis Michel‘s 2015 premier and grand cru Chablis wines are arriving, along with some 2016 Beaujolais from Piron, reinforcements of Matrot‘s Bourgogne blanc and rouge, and the first Kabinett Rieslings from Germany’s charming 2016 vintage. From Austria, Franz Hirtzberger‘s Grüner Veltliner is here to beguile, and Moric‘s single-origin, old-vine Blaufränkisch from the great 2013 vintage in Burgenland will absolutely blow your mind.
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