Changes to CellarHand Deliveries

After proudly operating relatively “fee-free” for 25 years, we have finally had to relent and fall in line with the rest of the industry in regards to some costs that we simply can no longer absorb.

We have worked hard to ensure the new fees are limited to minimum delivery quantities and split-case charges, which are the two logistical factors that we feel will have the smallest impact on you, but a large impact on our sustainability.  By passing on just some of these costs we are able to continue to provide our best value pricing throughout the CellarHand portfolio.


In summary, from February 1st 2023:

Minimum order quantities:  A delivery fee will be introduced for any order not meeting the minimum delivery requirements.   This will vary, depending on where you are located.  

Split Case Fee:  A picking fee will be introduced should you choose to order a wine in a quantity less than its case size.  Case sizes are now included in our portfolio, and many of our wines do come in six-packs already. 

The specifics of these charges are detailed below.   Please take note of these and order accordingly to avoid these additional costs, and if you require further clarification, please contact your friendly CellarHand representative.