Imported Goods & Greats

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Over the past decade, the wine choices open to the Australian diner have opened up immeasurably, with superb styles from the world’s most exciting regions readily available. At CellarHand’s 15th birthday Trade Day, we asked a few sommeliers what this tremendous breadth of options means to them.
The tasting featured a host of imported wines from the portfolio. Importantly for the Aussie diner – or for any winelover anywhere – this includes top wines from Burgundy, as well as Sancerre, Alsace and the Rhône. There are also wines from Oregon, California and Piedmont. And an area of special interest to CellarHand – and amply represented at this trade day in Melbourne – are some of the finest estates from Germany and Austria, with an exceptional array of Riesling and Grüner Veltliner, as well as brilliant Blaufränkisch, St Laurent and Zweigelt from Austria’s Burgenland region.