New Arrivals from Pittnauer

Standing Out from the Crowd

We had the pleasure of travelling to Burgenland last September to visit Gerhard and Brigitte Pittnauer.  Time almost stood still as we were welcomed like family and spent a gorgeous afternoon in their home. As ever, the wines showed their distinct personality, full of character, conviction and joy of spontaneity. Tasting with Gerhard and Brigitte is truly one of the wine world’s greatest pleasures. They live and breathe their craft, their region, their heritage. They understand that culture plays as important a role in the wine growing process as much as technical expertise and are cognisant that the two can, no the two need to, work in harmony in order to keep things in balance.

The master of skin-contact, natural and sulphur free wines, the Pittnauers have been making exciting wines for decades now. The wines are farmed organically and biodynamically. The level of care in the vineyard, is clearly displayed in their pure and vibrant wines. It’s always a thrilling time when new vintages land with us down under, and the 2022/2023 certainly has really lived up to the hype. 

2022 Pittnauer Blonde by Nature $47 RRP 
Agile, light-hearted and vibrant. A summer wine with depth. Combines juicy, yellow fruit with herbal aromas and chalky notes. Scores on the palate with elegance and freshness. The acidity directs and gives direction, a delicate tannin structure supports it. The texture is compact, but at the same time conveys lightness. The finish is vital, fruity and animating. Makes you want more with every sip. – Gerhard & Brigitte Pittnauer
2023 Pittnauer Rosé $33 RRP

The wine is lively, refreshing and fruity. Taut and inviting, with a linear structure and revitalizing acidity. Impresses on the nose with subtle but long-lasting aromas reminiscent of raspberries, cherries and citrus fruit. Appears agile, youthful and elegant on the palate – less like a wise king than like a young and carefree prince who enjoys the moment with radiant and light mind. – Gerhard & Brigitte Pittnauer
2022 Pittnauer Perfect Day $54 RRP

Perfect Day/Way is inspired by Lou Reed’s song of the similar name, in which the simple pleasures of life are summed up in a perfect day. Our aim is to make a wine that could accompany such a day or make it such. Traditional varieties from our region form the basis for Perfect Way: Muskat Ottonel, Sauvignon blanc, Grüner Veltliner, Traminer, Sämling. Perfect Day is balanced, light-footed and aromatically broad.
2022 Pittnauer Dogma Rosé $54 RRP

Raspberries, red apples, oranges and a delicate herbal note – but everything is in flux and has the right to change over time. From a sensory point of view, the completely non-dogmatic Dogma is aromatically broad, radiates an almost Mediterranean warmth and yet remains structured and compact. The texture is delicate and substantial, while a never intrusive but noticeable acid structure puts pressure on the palate. The finish is supple, red-fruity and lasting. – Gerhard & Brigitte Pittnauer
2022 Pittnauer Mash Pitt $70 RRP

Pittnauer’s skin-contact blend of Chardonnay, Grüner Veltliner, Sauvignon Blanc and Traminer has an intense aroma, which brings together tropical fruits, orange peel, herbs and fresh berry notes. The palate is lively and light-footed. Tannins and acidity guide the wine and ensure a straight and compact structure. The body is elegant and without a gram of fat, leading to a finish that is balanced, fruity and stimulating.
2022 Pittnauer Pitti Blend $33 RRP

70% Zweiglelt, 30% Blaufränkish. Finely knitted, focused and compact. Ripe red berries and a gentle spice set the tone in the nose. On the palate, the aromas are embedded in a juicy and vital body, to which the fine interplay of acid and tannins give dynamism and temperament. The Pitti then flows cool and clear over the palate, leaving fruity traces reminiscent of dark cherries. – Gerhard & Brigitte Pittnauer