Prager 2013s: A Cultural Monument

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“This impressive 2013 is virtually a cultural monument and a must-buy for all those who regard wine not just as a drink, but as a handcrafted cultural attainment.”

Yes, it’s a big statement. But then 2013 in the Wachau was a monumental, must-have kind of year.  Jancis Robinson called the Austrian whites she tasted from this vintage “dazzling”, and the results across the CellarHand portfolio more than live up to the hype. It was largely re-reading the declaration above, uttered by Wine Advocate Austrian expert Stephan Reinhardt, that reminded us to remind you about them.

To these 2013s we’ve added a range of museum wines from Prager. Part of the joy, of course, is that you need be in no hurry to drink the Riesling and Grüneryou just have to be quick to ensure it ends up in your cellar, instead of someone else’s.

Click here to read the Prager offer in its entirety.