Welcoming Geoff Weaver wines to NSW, QLD & ACT

More BIG NEWS! Following on from our announcement on Friday, are also proud to share that Geoff Weaver wines from the Adelaide Hills are now also available in our NSW, ACT and QLD portfolio.

For those a little younger or newer to the game, Geoff Weaver is one of the most important winemakers in Australia’s history. In terms of white wines, the only comparable name you could put beside Geoff’s is John Vickery. He created a string of incredibly successful wines (both in terms of quality and popularity) for the Hardy family whilst fostering a culture that would churn out some of the most talented winemakers of their generation and fellow CellarHand alumni – Steve Pannell, Rob Mann and Anna Flowerday.

Geoff is also very important to us at CellarHand as he is “OG CellarHand” – with us from our very beginnings in 1999. Geoff Weaver is not just a brilliant winemaker but also one of the kindest and most genuine people we know. His wines are complex, elegant and a wonderful expression of his Lenswood vineyard.

Welcome to CellarHand in NSW, ACT & QLD, Geoff!