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Paul Blanck

Frédéric Blanck



Originating in Austria, the Blanck family moved to the cultural melting pot that is Alsace centuries ago. It’s getting on for 200 years since this particular branch established a wine business in Kientzheim. Since the mid-1980s, cousins Frédéric and Philippe Blanck have been in control of the organic-certified estate, placing a sharp focus on the vines and the soil they grow in. They farm 24 hectares in total, with grands crus and highly prized lieux-dits accounts for more than two-thirds. Sometimes the brilliance of Alsace – its terroir and the spice, minerals, freshness and sweet fruit it delivers – gets overlooked by the wine-drinking world. There’s little chance of that happening with the Blancks around. “We wish to share with everyone the force and diversity of Alsace; the richness of the grape varieties and the joie de vivre of its people,” they say. And we’re very happy to be the ones to help them share it.

Domaine Ostertag

Arthur Ostertag



Domaine Ostertag is clearly one of the most dynamic producers in Alsace, and certainly one the highest rated. Where in many areas Alsace has fallen behind star producers in Germany and Austria, Ostertag is one that bucks this trend. This is a family-run property comprising 12 hectares spread over more than 75 small plots of vines within five villages: Epfig (55%); Nothalten (34%); Itterswiller (4%); Ribeauvillé (6%); and Albé (1%).
Biodynamism was extended to 100% of the domaine in 1998, precluding any use of herbicides, chemical fertilisers and insecticides. All viticultural work is done manually, including harvest. In the cellar, press cycles are long and gentle, fermentations are long and conducted with indigenous yeasts, and wines are left on their lees. Barrels are used for Pinot Blanc, Gris (sometimes) and Pinot Noir. Arthur Ostertag, whose involvement deepened with the 2015 harvest, effectively assumed the helm from his father in 2018. Arthur's instincts and sensitivity mirror those of his passionate and free-thinking father, and we believe these wines have never been better.
Biodynamic producer