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Domaine Labruyère

Nadine Gublin



Domaine Labruyère is the Beaujolais estate of the top-flight French vigneron family behind Champagne Labruyère and famed Burgundy producer Jacques Prieur. Now in its seventh generation, Domaine Labruyère is one of the oldest wineries in the Moulin-a-Vent appellation. Its history here dates back to 1850, when wine grower Jean-Marie Labruyère settled in les Thorins, a hamlet of Romanèche-Thorins. He acquired 25 acres of well-located vineyards. Jean-Pierre Labruyère, long-serving president of Moulin-à-Vent cru, handed the estate’s reins in 2008 to his son Edouard. Together with talented, long-standing winemaker Nadine Gublin and viticulturist Michel Rovere, Edouard has injected an even greater dynamism into this spearhead of world-class Beaujolais.

Domaine Dominique Piron

Dominique Piron



Dominique Piron’s family history in Beaujolais spans more than four centuries, with his oldest known ancestor born in Morgon in 1590. Since then, there have been 14 generations of winegrowers in the family. Dominique seeks to create characterful terroir wines that are fruity, subtle and elegant from his sloping vineyards of fragmented granite and schist. These are wines that showed us what we’d long been looking for from Beaujolais but had almost given up hope of finding. They display extraordinary depth, freshness and verve, with real terroir-specific differences between the various crus. Morgon wines tend to be racy and elegant, and always have a slight hint of black cherry, bright spicy notes and great structure, which lends them great ageing potential. Dominique also makes wines from six other Beaujolais crus, alongside his excellent Beaujolais-Villages, sparkling and still Chardonnay and fresh, crunchy Gamay rosé.