This is Germany's best kept secret, for both the breathtaking landscape and for the handful of brilliant producers. The Nahe offers some of the country’s best-value wine. The soil ranges from sandy loam - which produces wines that resemble neighbouring Rheinhessen - to the more slatey which brings forth the floral aromas reminiscent of Mosel. The wines often combine racy fruitiness with an almost spicy mineral character. The top wines of this tiny region hold their own with Germany’s most famous vineyards. Dönnhoff is the true star of the Nahe .


53.79364 N


10.137102 E


Cornelius Dönnhoff



Helmut Dönnhoff and son Cornelius make the best wines in the Nahe region and some of the finest anywhere in the world. We can't possibly overstate how much we cherish and revere these wines. They are sheer perfection in their elegantly defined structure and flawless harmony. The epitome of their meticulous winemaking is the Eiswein. Dönnhoff wines have such power and complexity that their signature weightlessness seems nigh on miraculous. One taste and you sense the magic. These wines are on a par with the best of Germany in a very unique way: the sweet wines rival those of Prüm, Loosen and Egon Müller and the dry wines are mentioned in the same breath as luminaries such as Wittmann and Weil. Very few - if any - have this degree of versatility...